I strongly, wholeheartedly condemn the shameless, inhumane and vile attack on the holy book Quran, in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Shame on the Swedish authorities for encouraging and permitting the hate crime, incitement, and insult on our sacred values.

This is not free speech or freedom of expression! But rather an outright hate crime!

Unfortunately, islamophobic provocations are on the rise, especially in Europe!

#StopSweden #NoToHate #notoislamophobia

#respect #respectreligiousdiversity

#respectholybooks #respectbeliefsvalues


#İsveç Hükümetinin kutsal kitabımız #Kuran-ı Kerim’in yakılmasına göz yummasını; artan İslam düşmanlığını kınıyor, lanetliyorum.

#NoToHate #notoislamophobia

#respect #respectreligiousdiversity

#respectholybooks #respectbeliefsvalues

“Allah’ın nûrunu ağızlarıyla söndürmek istiyorlar. Oysa kafirler hoşlanmasalar da Allah, nûrunu tamamlamaktan başka bir şeye razı olmaz.” (Tevbe Suresi 32. âyet).

“Onlar ağızlarıyla Allah’ın nûrunu söndürmek istiyorlar. Halbuki kafirler istemeseler de Allah nûrunu tamamlayacaktır.” (Saff Suresi 8. âyet).


P.S.: It surely is a responsibility to respect one’s freedom, his right to enjoy it, and prevent anyone from stealing it from them. However, if you’re enjoying your own, it can never be at the cost of the other’s.

There should, therefore, be boundaries to the personal rights. One individual’s freedom ends where another’s begins.